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Monday, April 23, 2012

What are the Independent Book Blog Awards?

The Independent Book Blogger Awards (IBBAs) are new book blog awards created by and The Association of American Publishers. There are four blog categories: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Children’s/Young Adult and Publishing Industry. In the future, I see a fifth category for those who write for Bookstores/Libraries as many of the Adult Fiction blogs were written by librarians.  My blog falls squarely into the Adult Fiction category, be sure to vote for A Wife of Book Club Blog by clicking the Voting Button on the sidebar!

For me and my fellow book bloggers, the IBBAs are a symbol of hope for the little people. We are the individuals who write book blogs simply because books inspire and motivate us. The IBBAs are such a wonderful and welcome idea. I applaud the IBBA creators and send a heartfelt Thank you!

I highly encourage you to review and click on the numerous IBBA entries as there are some wonderful and interesting blogs out there! I was especially impressed with Ann R. Allen’s Blog in the Publishing Industry category.  I voted for Anne, here is her link…

 I strongly believe that the IBBAs will be a success and will continue in future years simply based on the fact that there are almost 400 entrants in the Adult Fiction category! WOW, go book bloggers!

*UPDATE: Voting closed on 23 April. Thanks for your votes!


  1. THE IBBA Winners are at the following link...

    BookSlut won in my category of Adult Fiction Book Blog...