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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Angels Flight

Angels Flight
Angels Flight by Michael Connelly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Remarkable, intelligent, riveting

A Detective Bosch novel.

A prominent attorney is murdered and no cop wants to take the case as it will bring too much heat down on them. Bosch is called in the middle of the night to work the case, which he instantly knows will bring chaos and conflicts to the streets in LA. Bosch is smart and incredibly capable and trusting of his team. The problem is that he is assigned additional team members he doesn’t trust and all the while his boss is screaming for results.

The story is complex, a lawyer who prosecuted cops is dead and yet the cops are investigating the death, there is no win. The case is delicate but Bosch cannot bring himself to believe that a cop would commit this murder which seems so personal. The murder seems like the beginning, but in reality Bosch and his team must backtrack through cases, subpoenas, and suspects all while the pressure and media are bearing down on them. When Bosch’s former partner is named as the shooter, Bosch knows that they have the wrong man, now he just needs to prove it.

While Bosch is piecing all the clues together for his case, his personal life starts falling into shambles. He is an amazing lead detective; he snatches up details and draws the right conclusions; however it seems that he is losing his wife. Eleanor no longer responds to texts or calls; Bosch cannot even count on her being home at night. He fears the feeling of relief at the thought that his marriage may be ending.

Bosch is a superb character, he is a believable detective made human by the failings in his personal life, another great book in the series. The series starts with The Black Echo and is written by Michael Connelly, I highly recommend this series to mystery fans. My favorite in the series is The Concrete Blonde, but then I do love that title…

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