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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Downsized for a Year; Living Without

What household items could you live without for a year? I think you’d be surprised. Almost a year ago, I thought we would be in a 700 sq ft apartment for a mere 3 months, totally doable while we waited to move into our 2000 sq ft house. And I let almost all of my household goods from our 1700  sq ft house go into storage while taking a few things that I could squeeze into a tiny apartment.
 Today, almost a year later, I am about to get my household belongings back. What have I missed the most?—the bed-frame. I knew that our bed frame was heavy and I cannot carry heavy items, so I put the frame into storage. Imagine your bed on the floor, constantly pushing away from the wall and hard to get out of in the morning, because it is so low to the ground!

 I don’t even remember how many plates I actually own, but I do know now that 6 dinner plates are not enough for two people. Who knows how many plates a small household goes through in a day? So, I am excited to get back my full set of plates, and glasses and coffee mugs. The little things, right?

 Other things I worry about—I had the movers put some pantry items into storage. Canned goods last a few months, right? Boy, what are we in for when we finally get our items back? I would bet that some food items have expired. Egad!

 And clothes, what about clothes? I would totally redo that. I have wardrobe boxes of clothes in storage, clothes that I cannot remember. Oh and there is major regret at bringing work clothes and interview clothes. When we were moving, I had a job lead and had planned on interviewing—that never came to fruition. So, all of my dress clothes were never really needed.

Books, I know you are asking about books. Yes, I packed a box of "to-read" books. Again, thinking it would only be a few months, I let most books go into storage. My worry now, is that when I am unpacking my books, I will have already re-bought books that I perhaps already owned. A year is a long time, and I do not remember what books I may have in storage.

 In conclusion, I wish I had brought the coffee table, the crock pot, more lamps and a bed frame. I would never have the movers pack pantry items. I am thankful that we packed seasonal clothes from shorts to jeans from tanks to fleece. Yes, I can live without half of my clothes, shoes, dishes, furniture, and most likely you could as well.

I am so thankful and happy to be getting my household items back. Some people have said that it will be like Christmas, but I think we will be asking ourselves if we couldn’t have given more to Goodwill.


  1. Hi there i was really surprised when i read you post because i am doing exsacly the same thing for finantial reasons we are down sizeing and well getting rid of a lot of things it has been a heart breaking time because i dont like getting rid of my stuff as an excuse i always tell people i can make something better from it but i have to stop using that excuse now its dose not work anymore. One thing that makes me feel better about getting rid of everything is we did sell some of it but i just like to give stuff away to help other people we took clothes to the charity shops and recycled everything but one thing i will never part with is my books, never do i get rid of my books!! Over the past couple of weeks i have learned i can live with out half of the stuff i had and its nice to see other people are like me out there xxx

  2. Hi K,
    You are not alone! While it hurts right now, you can absolutely live with less.

    And I think it is fine to share with friends that you are downsizing, these times are tough and I know many many people who have lost their jobs. Again, you are not alone! Do keep your books, and bed, and couch, and some basic dishes and cookware, towels, sheets, silverware. Also, I found that I needed less than half of my clothes and shoes. You can live with half of your items, you can!

    Already I have another huge Goodwill pile in my living room, old purses and shoes and jeans, things I know now that I no longer need.

    One recommendation that I have is to reach out to friends and family, they will understand and be a good support network for you. My family has been so supportive and wonderful this last year.

    It says everything about your character that as you downsized you thought of charity and goodwill. I believe that it always pays off to pay it forward; you never know who you helped by donating your old items. All the best to you!